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Does MemberMouse WooCommerce Plus support trial periods?

MemberMouse WooCommerce Plus is used to sell MemberMouse membership products, so you can sell membership levels and bundles as WooCommerce products. All other aspects of payment and subscriptions are managed by WooCommerce plugin and extensions. Our product does not interfere with any of these aspects and it is working behind the scenes after a successful payment has been made. Because WooCommerce is working with hundreds of payment gateways and each payment gateway is programmed by different developers, many of the developers does not completely comply with WooCommerce coding guidelines. Because of that, all payment subscriptions and trial periods are handled by WooCommerce Subscriptions extension and because of that, if the subscription extension supports trial periods you can do it. Because MemberMouse WooCommerce Plus was designed to work with all payment gateways, it is impossible to develop a cancellation feature that will work on all payment gateways. An example for that is WooCommerce Subscriptions extensions that is only supported by specific payment gateways and, as you can check their website, not all payments are fully supported with all the features.
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