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What is the registration process members go through after the automatic registration process?

Wishlist Auto Registration plugin does not change the functionality of Wishlist Member, it only takes the details returned from the payment gateway after a payment is complete to register the members automatically to the membership site.

This is the registration process with and without Wishlist Auto Registration

Step #1: The user is redirected to the shopping cart Step #2: Fills-in the payment form of your chosen payment gateway and completes the payment Step #3: User is redirected back to the membership site Till Step #3 the process is the same both when using Wishlist Auto Registration and when using the regular Wishlist Member registration process. Step 4 (when using Wishlist Auto Registration): This is where Wishlist Auto Registration takes control, the plugin registers the member to the site using the details from the payment gateway, logs him in to the membership site and redirects him to the Thank You page. Members get their login information to their email (this is the regular email sent by Wishlist Member plugin), and you can also use Wishlist Auto Registration's shortcodes (in the Dashboard tab) to display their login information in the Thank You page as well. Upgrading members will also be redirected to the Thank You page, but Wishlist Auto Registration will upgrade their membership to the correct membership level instead of registering them as new members. Step 4 Without (when using the regular Wishlist Member process): Members are redirected to the regular Wishlist Member registration form, there they need to fill-in their details and complete the registration to the membership site. Upgrading members need to login-in instead of creating a new account. Using the regular registration form may cause members to create duplicate accounts (if they are already members who fill-in the registration form again) or not to complete the registration form at all and will abandon the page.  
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