Activation Process Summary of MemberMouse WooCommerce Plus

In this article you will find the activation process summary of MemberMouse WooCommerce Plus.

Detailed information about each step will is provided on separate documents, click on each of the steps titles to get more information.

Follow the steps below to have MemberMouse WooCommerce Plus activated and fully function on your membership site:

Step #1: Plugin Download

Download MemberMouse WooCommerce Plus Core plugin zip file from the Purchase Receipt you received to your email.

Step #2: Plugin Installation & Activation

Install the plugin just like any other WordPress plugin from the Plugins menu > Add New.

Step #3: License Activation

Activate the plugin’s license using the license key you received to your email and that can be also found inside your account at

Step #4: Going Over the General Settings

After you activate the plugin’s license, all the settings will automatically update in the Settings tab, including: username format and new customer email settings. Go over the settings and change them according to your needs.

Step #5: Adding Membership Products

To add a new membership product go to the Products menu » scroll down to the Product Data Meta box » MemberMouse tab and define your membership settings to integrate the WooCommerce product with MemberMouse » publish your product

Step #6: Testing the Integration Process

To test that the integration is working correctly and that the member is added to the relevant membership level (and bundles if defined) after purchasing the membership product through the WooCommerce platform follow the steps in Step #6