Designing the Greeting Registration Form (Design Tab)

To determine the design settings go to WL Extensions > Wishlist Greeting Registration > Design tab.

In the Design tab you can design the look and feel of the greeting registration form.

The design settings include the following options:

  • Gradient color (top and bottom)
  • Logo image upload
  • Tagline text and color
  • Subtext and color
  • Header and header color
  • Text before and after the registration form, including text color
  • Copyright text color
  • Ability to disable close button and button color

As you can see in the screenshot below, the design settings are easy and straight forward (click on each image to enlarge):

The Design TabThe Design Tab


The Registration Form Elements

The greeting registration form below is a simple example to show you where all the design elements are located within the front-end of the registration form.

The gradient, text and button colors can be switched to any other color of your choice from the Design tab.

Please keep in mind the the below screenshot is only an example to display the different elements in the registration form, however, you can customize the form according to your needs, personalize it, add a logo, change the text colors and more.

The Registration Form Elements