New Members are Not Added to the Autoresponder Service

This article is relevant for the following plugins:

All our plugins are using the official Wishlist Member API to register new members to the membership site.

The main reason for using the official API is to support autoreponder integration.

Our plugins do not require any new autoresponder settings as the official Wishlist Member API is using the regular Wishlist Member autorespoder integration settings that can be defined inside the Wishlist Member to register the new user.

Saying that, it would be impossible for any of our plugins not to register a new member to the autoresponder, as every new member automatically goes through the registration process as Wishlist Member’s API designed it.

How to Solve the Problem?

If you still don’t see your new member inside you autoresponder, please go over the following possible scenarios:

Scenario #1: The member is using a new email address that hasn’t been used before

Different autoreposnders act differently, but if a specific email address already got a confirmation request and the member hasn’t approved it, in many cases the autorespnder service will not send another request as it may think that someone is using this email address and want to spam.

Scenario #2: You are trying to test the registration process and are doing multiple tests from the same computer / IP

Many autoresponders (almost all of them) have a spam filter that block specific IPs for a period of time, or even permanently if they see the many signup requests that are sent from this IP.

This spam filter was designed to prevent automatic scripts to signup contacts automatically, but in many cases, while doing testing on your website, your own IP will be blocked.

What to do in this scenario:

Option 1 – Contact your autoresponder security department or try to test the integration using a different computer and a new email address.

Option 2 – Another option is that the autoresponder hasn’t blocked your IP, but it just puts it in the queue and it may take some time until the signup is processed.

As written before, all of our plugins are using the official Wishlist Member API so ANY member that is registered to your membership site will automatically be registered to your autoresponder service based on the settings you defined inside Wishlist Member integration settings.