Setup the Automatic Protection / Unprotection

Right after you have activate Wishlist Auto Protect Pro you can setup the automatic protection / Unprotection for the relevant posts and pages.

Go to the relevant port / page > click Edit > Scroll down to the Wishlist Auto Protect Pro Meta box to define your settings > Publish

Please note: if you are creating a new post / page, you first need to define Wishlist Member protection settings inside Wishlist Member Meta box.

Wishlist Auto Protect Pro Meta Box:

Wishlist Auto Protect Pro Meta Box

  • Enable Wishlist Auto Protect Pro – Check the box to enable the automatic protection settings change
  • Time Settings – Set the change to occur after any number of days or on a specific date
  • New Protection Settings – The protection settings that will take place at the time you specified
  • Membership Levels – The membership levels that will have access to the content
  • Pay Per Post Protection – If you want to change the protection settings to pay-per-post protection (free / paid) check the relevant box