Display a list of all the categories accessible in each membership level by adding the shortcode below to any post/ page you like.

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[wlss_display_levels_categories levels="Level 1,,Level 2,,Level 3"]


You can add the below parameters to the shortcode in order to configure it better to your own membership site’s structure:

Parameter Name Required / Optional Description
levels Required levels names separated with the delimiter ,,
delimiter Optional You can change the default delimiter ,, and use your own delimiter symbols
excerpt Optional Display the posts/ pages/ categories excerpt/ description. Default is no. (options: yes/no)
title Optional Display the posts/ pages/ categories title. Default is no. (options: yes/no)
order Optional Can be ascending/ descending. Default is asc (options: asc/desc)
order_by Optional Can be by title or date. Default is title (options: title/date)
display_date Optional Display the posts dates. Default is no (options: yes/no)


[wlss_display_levels_categories levels="Level 1,,Level 2,,Level 3" order="asc" order_by="title"]