Display the content inside the shortcode to members who are associated with any level specified in the “levels” parameter.

So any member who is associated with even one of the levels specified in the “levels” parameter will see the content in the shortcode.

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[wlss_display_to_members_in_any_level levels="Level 1,,Level 2,,Level 3"]Your content here[/wlss_display_to_members_in_any_level]


You can add the below parameters to the shortcode in order to configure it better to your own membership site’s structure:

Parameter Name Required / Optional Description
levels Required levels names separated with the delimiter ,,
admin_bypass Optional Always display content to admin user. Default is no. options: yes/no
delimiter Optional You can change the default delimiter ,, and use your own delimiter symbols


Example #1:

John, one of the members, is registered to the Silver, Pro & Advanced levels

When using this shortcode and parameters as seen below the content will be displayed to John:

[wlss_display_to_members_in_any_level levels="Silver,,Gold,,Premium"]Your content here[/wlss_display_to_members_in_any_level]

Example #2:

John, one of the members, is registered to the Pro, & Advanced levels

When using this shortcodes below the content will not be displayed to John:

[wlss_display_to_members_in_any_level levels="Silver,, Gold,, Premium"]Your content here[/wlss_hide_from_members_not_associated_to_any_level]