About Wishlist Membership Notifications

Wishlist Membership Notifications allows you to send multiple email notifications to members before and / or after their membership expires and increase their chances of renewing their subscription.

Wishlist Membership Notifications Exclusive Features

  • Send up to 10 email notifications before and / or after the membership expires
  • Choose as many membership levels as you like to send the notifications to
  • Customize the notifications to your needs using WordPress toolbar and Wishlist Member merge codes
  • Send test messages to see a preview of the notification
  • Send the email in HTML / Text format
  • See the exact notifications queue including: Member’s name, Email, Membership Level,
    Notification Number, Date and Status (Send / Queued)
  • Clear the notifications queue / delete all sent notifications
  • Filter the queue according to members / dates / membership levels / notifications / status /
    free search
  • Control the number of notification sent per hour
  • Update the Notifications Queue list every hour/ when cron job executes