Complete Activation Process of Wishlist Membership Notifications in 6 Steps

Follow the steps below to have Wishlist Membership Notifications activated and fully function on your
membership site.

To get more detailed information about each step, including screenshots, click on each of the steps titles.

Step #1: Plugin Download

Download Wishlist Membership Notifications plugin zip file from the Purchase Receipt you received to your email.

Step #2: Plugin Installation & Activation

Install the plugin just like any other WordPress plugin from the Plugins menu > Add New.

Step #3: License Activation

Activate the plugin’s license using the license key you received to your email.

Step #4: Defining the General Settings (Settings Tab)

The general settings include the sender’s name and email address, email format, number of emails sent per hour and more.

In order to change the default general settings, go to WL Extensions menu > Wishlist Membership Notifications > Settings tab.

Step #5: Creating the Email Notifications Messages (Notifications Messages Tab)

First select the number of notification emails you want to send (1-10) in the “Number of Notifications” option and then fill-in the message’s fields according to your needs: the relevant levels, when to send the notification and the email notification message itself.

Step #6: Viewing the Notification Queue Report (Notifications Queue Tab)

In the Notifications Queue tab you can view the complete list of all notifications, including the ones that are queued and the ones that have already been sent.