Complete Activation Process of Wishlist Auto Registration in 8 Steps

Follow the steps below to have Wishlist Auto Registration activated and fully function on your membership site. Detailed information about each step will be given further down this manual.

Please Note:

In order to use Wishlist Auto Registration you first need to integrate Wishlist Member with your payment gateway/s, as explained inside Wishlist Member settings under the Integration tab.

Wishlist Auto Registration does not change the functionality of Wishlist Member, but uses it to create the auto registration.

Step #1: Plugin Download

Download Wishlist Auto Registration Core plugin zip file from the Purchase Receipt you received to your email.

Step #2: Plugin Installation & Activation

Install the plugin just like any other WordPress plugin from the Plugins menu > Add New.

Step #3: License Activation

Activate the plugin’s license using the license key you received to your email. If you also purchased any of the available add-ons, please go to the Gateway Licenses tab and enter the license key for the relevant add-on (there is no need to download any other zip file for the add-ons).

Step #4: Set the After Registration Pages

Go to the Settings tab and set the After Registration page for each membership level (You can leave it at the default as defined in the Wishlist Member plugin settings).

Step #5: Displaying the Login Information

Go to the Dashboard tab and copy-paste your desired shortcodes with the login information inside all the relevant Thank You pages.

Step #6: Activating the Payment Gateways

Scroll down in the same tab to the “Payment Gateways Settings” option. Only payment gateways that have active licenses will be displayed here.

Step #7: Going Over the Miscellaneous Settings

Scroll down in the same tab to the “Miscellaneous Settings” option and check the boxes of the following settings according to your needs: Automatic login after registration, allow email login, get admin email notification for new members, username format for new members (first & last name/ email prefix). Now hit the Save General Settings button.

Step #8: Testing the Registration Process

Make a test purchase to make sure that the automatic registration using Wishlist Auto Registration works and that