Complete Activation Process of Wishlist Bundles in 6 Steps

Follow the steps below to have Wishlist Bundles activated and fully function on your membership site.

Step #1: Plugin Download

Download Wishlist Bundles plugin zip file from the Purchase Receipt you received to your email.

Step #2: Plugin Installation & Activation

Install the plugin just like any other WordPress plugin from the Plugins menu > Add New.

Step #3: License Activation

Activate the plugin’s license using the license key you received to your email.

Step #4: Creating the Bundles

In order to define the plugin’s settings, go to WL Extensions > Wishlist Bundles > Settings tab

In order to define a new bundle, all you need to do is choose your levels and they will be added immediately to the bundle.

Step #5: Integrating with Your Payment Gateway

After defining your bundles settings you need to integrate the membership levels to your chosen payment gateway in order for members to be able to register to get the bundles.

In order to integrate your bundles’ levels to the payment gateway go to: Wishlist Member menu > Integration > Shopping Cart

Choose your shopping cart and follow Wishlist Member instructions for the integration.

Step #6: Testing the Bundles

After you’ve integrated Wishlist Member with your chosen shopping cart now it’s time to test the integration is working and that the members are registered to the bundles as defined in the Settings tab.

Make a test purchase and to test the registration process.