Introduction to Wishlist Drip Dynamic Shortcodes

Wishlist Drip Dynamic Shortcodes allows you to display (drip) or hide (archive) content based on the members’ registration date, membership level and the time passed since the registration using simple yet powerful shortcodes.

All you need to do in order to display / hide content is to copy-paste the shortcodes from the Dashboard tab into your chosen post or page and set the parameters inside the shortcode as explained further in the documentation.

The Available Shortcodes

[wldd_display] Your content [/wldd_display]Reveal content over timeDisplay the content after a specific period has passed from the member's registration date
[wldd_hide] Your content [/wldd_hide]Archive content over timeHide the content after a specific period has passed from the member's registration date

The Shortcodes Parameters

These are the parameters you can add to each of the above shortcodes to display the relevant information:

ParameterRequired/ OptionalExplanation
levelsRequiredThe list of levels you want to display / hide the content to / from after the period has passed
periodRequiredThe period that needs to pass from the registration date to the specified level before the content will be displayed / hidden (for example: "13days" or "4weeks")
display_messageOptionalAllows you to display a message when the content is not yet displayed / hidden according to the shortcode (parameter is defined as "yes / no")
messageOptionalThe message that will be displayed. Message format can include 2 parameters: {{days}} and {{date}} these parameters will be automatically replaced with the appropriate information
admin_bypassOptionalAllows you to bypass the period and always hid / display to shortcode's content to the admin for testing