Past Protection Changes Overview (Protection Log Tab)

In the Protection Log tab you get an overview of all the protection changes that had already occurred, so you can keep track of your content’s protection settings simply and easily.

The Protection Log table looks a lot like the Auto Protection Queue table, but it only displays the content who’s protection changes have already changed.

Protection Log Tab Details

The Protection Log tab includes the following details:

  • Post / Page Name – The name of the post / page that changed its protection status
  • Protection Settings Before Change – The previous protection settings as they were defined inside the Wishlist Member Meta box. These settings include:
    • Protection – The previous protection status (in icon format)
    • Levels – The previous membership level (if any)
  • Protection Settings After Change – The current protection settings that changed automatically using Wishlist Auto Protect Pro plugin. These settings include:
    • Protection – The current protection status (in icon format)
    • Levels – The current membership level/s (if any)
  • Change Date – The exact time and date the post / page changed its protection status

The Automatic Protection Log Table

Wishlist AutoProtect Pro - Automatic Protection Log Table

The Icons

By hovering the mouse on each of the icons you will see a tool tip with the protection status.

These are the available icons:

Auto Protection Queue Icons