How to Tweak the Registration Form CSS?

Wishlist Registration Widget supports CSS design, i.e. every element in the registration form has its own special CSS class that can be altered to adapt the design to your needs.

You can change CSS design in 2 easy ways:

1. Add your custom CSS to the custom.css file

This file can be found inside the CSS folder, this file will overwrite the original CSS design.

2. Use a free plugin that allows to the change your the CSS without editing a CSS file directly

The easiest way to tweak the CSS is by any 3rd-party plugin that enables you to add CSS code like “My Custom CSS” or “JetPack”.

Both plugins load the CSS after the regular CSS files and enable you to change anything you want.

Please note:

We do not offer CSS tutorials as it is a complete subject that is not relevant only to Wishlist Registration Widget plugin.