The shortcodes automatically upgrades the member to the level/ levels defined in the “levels” parameter when he enters the specific content where the shortcode is in.

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All you need to do display this information is to insert the shortcode below to any post or page you like:

[wlss_add_to_levels_redirection levels="Level1,,Level2,,Level3"]


You can add the below parameters to the shortcode in order to configure it better to your own membership site’s structure:

Parameter Name Required / Optional Description
levels Required Levels names separated with a delimiter ,,
delimiter Optional You can change the default delimiter ,, and use your own delimiter symbols [ delimiter=”your chosen symbol” ]
txn Optional Specify the transaction ID that appears in the edit user screen inside the “Transaction ID” field beside the specific level. You can change the text as you like. Default is “Upgrade Button”
redirect Optional The page you want to redirect members who click on the upgrade button. Default is the same page. [redirect=”your link here”]


[wlss_add_to_levels_redirection levels="Level 1,,Level 2" txn="Upgrade Shortcode"]