About Wishlist Smart Shortcodes

Wishlist Smart Shortcodes allows you to display different types of information, including statistic information, to your members using smart shortcodes.

These shortcodes can help you increase your members’ satisfaction, engagement and retention rates, and increase your revenues significantly.

These shortcodes are unique and are not included in the Wishlist Member plugin itself.

Wishlist Smart Shortcodes includes the Core plugin + 3 add-ons which are available for purchase separately:

The core plugin is a must have, so if you purchased an add-on, please make sure you purchased Wishlist Smart Shortcodes Core plugin

Statistics & Information You Can Display Using Wishlist Smart Shortcodes:

• Display Available Content According to Membership Level/s (Core Plugin + Content Add-On)
• Display / Hide Information to / from Specific Membership Levels Only (Core Plugin + Content Add-On)
• Display Available Information for Each Member Specifically (Core Plugin + Members Add-On)
• Display “Social Proofs” to Potential Clients (Core Plugin + Members Add-On)
• Display Statistic Information about How Big Your Membership Site is (Core Plugin + Protection Add-On)
• Grant Members Access to Specific Content in Just 1 Click (Core Plugin + Protection Add-On)