Complete Activation Process of Wishlist 1-Click Registration in 8 Steps

In this article we go over the complete activation process of Wishlist 1-Click Registration.

Follow the below steps to have Wishlist 1-Click Registration activated and fully function on your membership site:

Step #1: Plugin Download

Download Wishlist 1-Click Registration plugin zip file from the Purchase Receipt you received to your email.

Step #2: Plugin Installation & Activation

Install the plugin just like any other WordPress plugin from the Plugins menu > Add New.

Step #3: License Activation

Activate Wishlist 1-Click Registration license using the license key you received to your email.

Step #4: Defining the General Settings (Settings Tab)

Before generating the links you will need to go over the general settings of the plugin that can be found in the Settings tab.

Step #5: Generating the Links (The Generator Tab)

In order to generate the links or the signup form you will need to go to the Generator tab and define the relevant settings.

Step #6: Embedding the Links

After defining the settings and generating the links all you need to do is copy-paste them to the right place according to their use:

We have created short demo videos that explain how to add each of the options.

Step #7: Displaying the Login Information using Shortcodes

In the dashboard you will find all the shortcodes that can be copy-pasted to the After Registration page to display the member his login details.

Step #8: Testing the Registration

After you copy-pasted the links or signup form to the right location you need to test them and make sure they are working correctly.