Performing Different Actions Before and After the Registration Form

Wishlist Registration Widget hasĀ 2 actions that can be hooked into to preform simple actions before and after the registration process:

  1. wlrw_before_registration
  2. wlrw_after_registration


<?php add_action ('wlrw_after_registration' , function , 10 , 1); ?>



add_action ('wlrw_after_registration' , 'add_to_external_cms' , 10 , 1);

function add_to_external_cms ($data) {

    /* Script to add to external CMS system */



Both actions accept $data array variables which contains the following information:


 $data = array (
              'user_email'=> '', 
              'user_login'=> 'sample_user', 
              'first_name'=> 'member first name', 
              'last_name'=> 'member last name', 
              'user_pass'=> '12345678', 
              'redirect_url'=> ''

There is no limit to what you can do when you hook your own actions into these actions, for example:

You can add the new member information to your own tracking system or preform any other action based on the new member information.