Still Redirected to Wishlist Member Regular Registration Page

In this article we go over what to do in case you have activated Wishlist Auto Registration, but you are still redirected to the Wishlist Member registration page when returning from the payment gateway.

How Wishlist Auto Registration Works

Wishlist Auto Registration does not change anything in the functionality of Wishlist Member, it simply uses the information returned from the payment gateway in order to preform the automatic registration process.

When no information is returned from the payment gateway, in most cases, it is because the integration settings between Wishlist Member and the payment gateway were not set correctly, and to be more specific, the wrong Thank You page URL was added inside the payment gateway and not the one from the Wishlist Member integration settings.

Wishlist Auto Registration cannot process the automatic registration without this information and continues with the regular process by redirecting members to the regular Wishlist Member registration form.

How to Solve the Problem?

In order to solve this problem, please follow the below steps, as one of the below steps solves the problem in most cases:

Step #1: Make sure the Thank You page URL is configured correctly

Wishlist Auto Registration does not require any special integration settings, however it’s does require that the payment integration will be set up correctly as we specified above.

Before you go over all the integration settings, from our experience, in most cases the problem is that the Thank You page URL inserted inside the payment gateway is incorrect.

Before going through all the integration settings process, please make sure that the Thank You URL inside your payment gateway is the one taken from Wishlist Member integration settings and NOT any other URL as seen in the screenshot below:

* We used InfusionSoft for this example, but each payment gateway you choose will generate the correct thank you URL

Thank You Page URL


> Using a different URL and NOT the above one?

Please update the correct URL from Wishlist Member integration settings and test the registration process again

> Using the correct thank you page URL?

Please go to the Step #2 right below

Step #2: Make sure the payment gateway integration settings are configured correctly

In order to check your Wishlist Member integration settings please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the WordPress menu > Plugins > Installed Plugins and disable Wishlist Auto Registration
  2. Run a test sale using the payment gateway you want to check
  3. Now you should be redirected to the regular Wishlist Member registration page.
    Important: don’t fill-in the registration form details.
  4. Go to Wishlist Member members tab and check if you got a new temp_**** user.


> New temp user NOT created?

This definitely indicates that Wishlist Member’s payment integration settings are NOT setup correctly, and it is NOT related to Wishlist Auto Registration. Please check your integration settings using Wishlist Member video tutorials.

> New temp user created?

In most cases it means that Wishlist Member’s payment Integration settings are correct. Please continue to the Step #3

Step #3: Check for redirection plugins that may conflict with Wishlist Auto Registration

Some redirection plugins, or even specific settings, can cause a redirection to be preformed when it is not necessary.


> Found any redirection plugin?

Please disable it and perform a test sale to check if this is indeed the problem. If this is the problem, please open a support ticket and provide us with all the necessary details including the problem and the plugin causing the redirection problem.

> No redirection plugins / you haven’t found the solution?

Please open a support ticket and write in the ticket which tests you performed so far to help you solve the problem as quickly as possible.