The Registration Form Fields

Here is an explanation about the possible form fields in Wishlist Registration Widget according to the version you choose.

Wishlist Registration Widget includes only one setting screen and it’s very straight forward to use.

All the settings are defined inside the widget options screen. Inside the widget you will be able to define how it will function.

Available Fields

  • Title and Text – Define the title of the widget and a specific text that will appear above and below the registration form.
  • Registration Level – Choose the level your visitors will be registered to. Wishlist Registration Widget supports free memberships only. For paid membership levels we recommend using Wishlist Auto Registration plugin to automate the registration process.
  • The After Registration Page – Define a different page your visitors will be redirected to after the registration process or use the default one defined inside Wishlist Member plugin.
  • Require Email Confirmation – Check if you want the user to confirm his email address. The user will have access to the members’ area, but he will have access to the protected content only after he confirms his email address.
  • Require Admin Approval – Check if you want to approve your members manually.
  • Name Fields – You can choose to enable or disable the First Name and Last Name fields.
  • Password Fields – You can choose to enable or disable the Password fields. If you disable the password, it will be automatically generated and sent to their email.
  • Display Math Captcha Protection – You can choose whether or not to use Captcha to prevent spam.
  • Auto Generate Username Field – If you choose this option then the username field will not be displayed in the registration form and the username will be automatically generated and send to your members’ email.
  • Display Widget to Logged Users – Define weather the widget will be displayed to logged user or not.
  • Automatic Log In Option – Define whether or not your visitors will be automatically logged in after the registration process or not.