Shortcodes not Working inside Page Builders

This article is relevant to all the plugins that contain any kind of shortcodes.

All the plugins sold on HappyPlugins store are using the official WordPress shortcode API.

All page builders should support shortcodes, however, because page builders are basically shortcode-based, the page builder is creating shortcode-based content behind the scenes, even if you can’t see it.

​The main problem with shortcodes is that if they are not designed correctly they are not interpreting nested shortcodes (a nested shortcode is a shortcode inside another shortcode).

In most cases, this is what is causing 3rd-party shortcodes not to work inside page builders.

​Advance page builders such as Visual Composer for example give you the ability to register external shortcodes so the page builder will know how to parse it correctly.

To sum it up, if the shortcodes are not working inside a page builder, it is not a problem with the shortcode itself, but it is just the way that the page builder interpreters shortcodes.