The Registration Form Settings (Registration Tab)

In the Registration tab you can define the registration settings of the greeting registration form.

These settings include the following options:

  • Wishlist Member Level – The membership level members will be registered
  • Display First Name Field – Ability to include the first name field in the registration form
  • Display Last Name Field – Ability to include the last name field in the registration form
  • Registration Button Text – Text inside the registration button
  • Username Structure – Can be the complete email, only the email prefix or first and last name
  • After Registration Page – The page members will be redirected to after completing the registration process
  • Error Page – The page members will be redirected to in case of an error
  • Login After Registration – Check the box to allow automatic login after registration
  • Require Email Confirmation – Check to require members to confirm their email before they can access any content
  • Require Admin Confirmation – Check if you want the admin to manually approve members before they have access to the content
  • Transaction ID – The transaction ID that allow you to know which registration was completed using the greeting registration form. You will find the Transaction ID field in WordPress Users menu > Edit User > under the Wishlist Member settings (screenshot further down this page)

Here are screenshots of the Registration tab (click on the images to enlarge them):

The Registration TabThe Registration Tab


The Transaction ID

The transaction ID can be found in the Users menu > Edit User screen under Transaction ID.

Using a unique transaction ID you will now which users registered to your site through Wishlist Greeting Registration.

Here is a screenshot of the transaction ID:

The Transaction ID